Based on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, comes an awesome roleplay set in the past.
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 James Potter

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James Potter
James Potter

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PostSubject: James Potter   James Potter Icon_minitimeSat Nov 26, 2011 4:17 am

Character Name: James Potter
House: Gryffindor

Appearance: James is a good-looking young man. He has a hard jaw line, and a pale complexion. James has messy black hair that sticks up in the back. He also has horrid eyesight with his hazel eyes. During one of his later years, James ends up getting glasses that look just like the ones that John Lennon used. Despite him usually being in his wardrobes, when not at school, James likes to wear nice jeans and a button-up shirt, along with a pair of Converse sneakers.

Personality: James is arrogant, boastful, and mischievous in his younger years. Although the arrogance and mischievousness seem to fade as he gets older. To some people, James is known to be a bully, especially to young Severus Snape. He grew up being an only child to older parents, thusly spoiling him for all he was worth. He is known to be quite flirtatious, particularly when it comes to Lily Evans, best friend to his rival. James likes to show-off, especially around Lily when they get into later years. He is a very good student, and very clever. James is a very good friend. Though, he is said to be an "arrogant toerag," according to Lily during their fifth year.

Sample RP (as the chosen character):

"James, dear, don't be late for the train!" his mother was saying, as she rushed him through the crowds of Kings' Cross.

"Oh Mum, we're not going to be late! It is only half-one! The train doesn't leave until two o'clock." James replied, being pushed through a large crowd by his mother and father. The boy looked back at his dad trying to get something to click in the fact that they weren't going to be late. Apparently, because there was no such exchange of thought, his dad didn't get the message.

When they got to the portal to Platform 9 3/4, James's mother stopped rushing him through. The time of the clock read 13:35 which lead plenty of time for the eleven-year-old to get on the train and find a good seat. A huge smile plastered itself on James's face as he fathomed what it would be like to actually go to Hogwarts--become a Gryffindor, like his father before him. He didn't care if it was the brawny thing to do, he just wanted his father to be proud of him. His mum turned him by the shoulders, and said, "James, I want you to run right through that wall. It doesn't matter if the Muggles see you, they will just to daft to think anything of it. Don't be afraid. We will be right behind you." The encouragement brightened his smile even more. Pulling his cart up, about a meter away from the portal, James braced himself for the most awesome event of his life, so far. The boy quickly ran through the barrier between the Muggle World and the Wizarding World.

"Whoa," James said, in awe, his jaw agape. "I can't believe I got through!" He rolled his cart towards the train a little more so his parents wouldn't bump into him on accident.

As they came through, his father said, "Oh, it's good to be back, right darling? Such wonderful memories--" James thought his dad was talking way too much, so he ran off, nearly getting on the train when his parents realized.

"James! Come back here!" his mother called out.

He paused, waiting for his parents to catch up to him--sneaking off was always one of his specialties. "C'mon, Mum! You were just freaking out that we were going to be late for the train, well here it is! And it's leaving within the half-hour."

"Oh, I'm coming, deary," she called back. When both of James's parents go to where he was, he stepped up on the platform, and pecked their cheeks.

"Bye Mum! Bye Dad! I love you!"

His dad called back, "We love you too, son. Be good! Don't forget to stay strong."

James turned himself on the platform and took another step up to the train, struggling with his trunk on the way up. The eleven-year-old saw many open train compartments, but there wasn't very many on the side near his parents. He went down a couple compartments more, and peered inside one. "Ahh," he smiled, "perfect." He opened the compartment door, and entered. Standing on a seat, James attempted to lift his trunk to the place above his head where it was supposed to go. He had nearly got it when the trunk was no longer balanced in his hands, and was falling down and impacting with the floor of the train--loudly. "GAHH!!!" screamed the boy. His eyes widened, and felt as though they were going to pop out if they had gotten any larger. A man, who appeared to be a little younger than his parents, came running towards James's compartment. "Are you OK?" the man asked. James merely nodded, eyes still nearly bulging out of his head, heart racing. The older boy looked at James, "Do you need some help?"

James nodded again, saying, "Yes, please. I can't get my trunk up top quite yet."

The older boy propped the trunk up where it's designated place was. "Do you think you will be able to get it back down without killing yourself at the end of the train ride?" James nodded, yet again. "Say, kid, what's your name?" asked the boy.

"James Potter," he answered.

"Well then, James Potter, it was a pleasure to be of service to you." With that, the man walked out of his compartment and to his own. Shortly afterwards, a boy, who appeared to be around the same age as James had lurked into the doorway of the train compartment. "'Ello? Are you going to come in, or what?" James asked the kid.

Pliable, 11'', Mahogany.

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