Based on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, comes an awesome roleplay set in the past.
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PostSubject: Site Plot/Explanation   Site Plot/Explanation Icon_minitimeTue Nov 29, 2011 9:47 am

We all know the story of a young boy who grew up to be the most powerful wizard, known to the fictional realm of readers everywhere. We all know how this boy, Harry Potter, grew up as we read of his story. But this is no clich├ęd Harry Potter roleplay.

Have you ever wondered what James, Lily, Severus, Remus, Sirius, Peter, and many more were like during their Hogwarts experience? Well, here's your chance! The marauders RPG is meant for those who want to RP as the parents, teachers, godparents, and family traitors before their children came to Hogwarts.

Feel free to make your own character, because we all know that Hogwarts has so many more people that just the cannons.

Speaking of cannons--we will have having a somewhat realistic roleplay. Because we don't know that much about the generation before Harry, Ron, Hermione, and all of their classmates, we will not be folloing dead on with what J.K. Rowling had said. However, just because we are not following the exact plot, please keep somewhat to it. Cannons must be cannons. James has to be rude to Snape. Lily and Snape have to be best friends. The Marauders must form during the second cannon year, when we know they were created.

Now, for time.
It will take a while to go from 1971-1979 if we keep to the real time. So, we don't really want to have 2011 be 1971, 2012 be 1972, and so on and so forth, so we are going to have increments of six (6) months be one (1) school year. In between each six months, we are going to have a three week period for summer vacation (holiday). In the third month of each school year there will be a week-long Christmas break.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to PM any of the admins. Also, we have to have a thread in the Leaky Cauldron (OOC) if anyone has any ideas for a plot, or just ideas in general for the site.


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Site Plot/Explanation Sp_gal10
Well...we all know that Hades--from HBH--is awesome....right? -fangirl squeal-
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Site Plot/Explanation
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