Based on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, comes an awesome roleplay set in the past.
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Aimée Molyneux

Aimée Molyneux

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PostSubject: Aimée Molyneux   Aimée Molyneux Icon_minitimeTue Nov 29, 2011 11:30 am

Name: Aimée Annabelle Antoinette Molyneux (meaning: Aimée = loved, Annabelle = loveable (can also mean beautiful), Antoinette = the untreasureable, Molyneux = old, french version of 'Miller')

Appearance: Aimée was born and raised in France, both her parents being french, so therefore Aimée has a pretty... french face, kinda. It's a bit stiff, but packed with emotions. Her cheekbones are high, but just high enough so they actually look rather pretty on her, giving her face a nice structure. Her eyes are bright blue like icing crystals. Aimée's hair is long and blonde/brown. No one can really tell if it's brown with blonde highlights or if it's blonde with brown highlights. She is tall, rather pretty and all that jazz... Well, actually a bit more than rather pretty, seeing as she's a quarter veela...

Personality: (As she has spent two years at Beauxbatons, Aimée is not used to being around boys. She finds it... odd. When around boys, Aimée does not like to speak too much. She just doesn't find a way to communicate with them properly. (<----That is only included if you admins accept it.)) The girl is quite shy, and does prefer being alone. However, if she have made a friend, she MIGHT start babbeling once in a while. Or... At least talk. Her talking might be a little hard to get as she has a pretty strong, french accent. Anywho, the girl is a master at holding grudges. If someone offends her, she will be sure to never ever be nice to them again. Though, she tries her best to be hard to get to. And mostly she manages that quite well. However, if you call her ugly or something somewhat like that, she will hate you for eternity at once. But, yeah... She's quite tolerant. Also, friends of hers are something she would and will always stand up for. That is about the only thing in the world that she would never hesitate on doing.

Sample RP:
Dunk, dunk, dunk, dunk...

Kim's ears almost stood up in excitement. Slowly, but surely, Filch was approaching the door. Her head carefully leaned around the slight corner corner with the crook on the wall to look at the door. The door knob span and slowly it opened with a well known noise coming in. Kim's eyes widned of it and quickly pulled herself back behind the corner. A hissing, walking towards her... Terrifyed, Kim lookes into the red eyes of Filch's cat, Mrs. Norris. Kim pushed herself more into the wall and looked up at the tube with her brilliant mixture, hanging in the roof. She had to do this fast, she knew that when Filch entered the room he would turn and look at Mrs. Norris, asking what was wrong, and spot Kim. And ... Let's just say Kim didn't quite like being busted...

Kim hurridly searched her inner pocket of her robes and found a red, hollow tube and small balls with baking powder that fitted perfectly in the tube. This was her only chance. The door closed, Mrs. Norris meowed and Filch started turning his head. Kim looked at him while he did this, her eyes filled with panic. No, she had to complete. She would, after all, get detention only by being spotted hiding in his office. Quickly she put the balls in the tube, one of them falling out on the other side, aimed it at her other tube, still hanging in the roof, put the red tube up to her mouth, and blew. Truely it was a beautiful sight for her to see the brave lil' bullet of hers swing in an elegant bow over the office and fell straight into the other tube. She smiled. Now the mixture had started bubbling and some scum was already falling out. Kim dropped the rope and watched that too take an elegant bow. Only this was oppisate. Going lower and lower. AND BAM! The bomb was about to hit Filch right on the mouth, which Kim was pleased with, but... Something was wrong. Unfortunatly, Kim realised it a little bit too late.

She dragged her robes up over her face, but the other... what ever it was, had splattered at both Filch and a bit on her. She had, in fact, a brown, dotty line at her cheek. And her robes..... It was for sure that if Filch saw that, he would know that Kim at least helped out on the explotion. Her left bottom of her robes were almost covered in yukky brown. This caused Kim's mood to take a great downturn, but she quickly forgot about that when she got to take a look at Filch. She just couldn't hold back a laugh. There he was.... Almost covered in this yukky brown, and he would've been completely covered if it hadn't been for Kim's soap bomb. This kinda made her a bit sad, but she was sure he looked more hillarious now than he would've been if it had only been brown. Kim's soap bomb had probably hit right after the other as he acctually was quite clean at the front. It had exploded at his mouth, causing some of it to go up to his nose and the rest falling down with the tube, which was still producting scum. So now... There he stood. Obviously in shock. In his, as he said himself, splotchy brown office, with his feet drowning more and more into what now seemed to becoming an infinite ocean of white, and some places slightly brown, scum. Clean on the front and bottom. Dirty on the back and top. Some of him was also green, Kim now spotted. As well as her robes. Just tiny dots of green. Whoever had mastered this truely knew his art. Again, Kim couldn't help but smile.

There was only one problem, though. She needed to get out. Quite quick. Filch would, without doubt, search for them. Yeah, them. It bothered Kim that she did not know who the other part of "them" were. Kim looked from Filch's face, which was totally red of anger and now even more hillarious, to the door and wondred how on Earth she was supposed to get past him without him noticing her. Of course, it helped quite a lot that he ran out, calling for Hogwarts's awesome headmaster, Albus Dumbledore. At once he did this, Kim got up and ran out the door, though in the other direction than Filch. Not too much of a shocker... But running gives quite a lot of noise as you pretty much stump while running. So, of course, Filch heard them. Yes, them. Finally she had gotten the honour to see who her partner in crime, or rather partner in making Filch look almost more nasty. Yeah, almost. 'Cause that man was nasty! And also running after them. Kim almost looked back, but she remebered right before she was going to do it that she would be doomed if he saw her face.

The boy ran a bit faster than her, and she understood that he was going to sprint for his life to get away as well. Therefore she got rather shocked when he grabbed her hand. She looked at him in surprise as he dragged her along around a corner and down the stairs, which was fortunatly enough not moving. His hand was warm against Kim's rather cold skin. Together they jumped into a classroom. No one was there other than them. This almost made her a bit sceptic. There was never a empty classroom at Hogwarts. Not for long, anyway. At least that was what she had... expiriensed. Kim, as the distant girl she was, looked around the room. Seemingly not knowing anything about any explosion at all. But as said, that was only how it looked like. Inside, it was all Kim thought of. It had been... awesome.

However, when the boy told her she had ruined his explosion, Kim's smile faded into a serious look. He had no right to assume something like that. He continued speaking, though. This time with words that pleased Kim more. She studied him as he talked. Slytherin. Definatly. That could be.... good... For once she'd might've found a Slytherin she got along with. Well, they obviously had the same type of interest.

Kim crossed her arms and looked at him, a little smile playing over her mouth. "I would never. EVER. Distroy a prank of another. So thanks." Kim said in a soft, innocent voice and sat down on a somewhat high pile of books, still with her eyes on him. "And you did great too."

Kim looked down and played a little with her hands before she looked at him once more. "You saved me, you know." There was a little pause and she stood up and walked closer to him with a curious look on her face. "..Who are you?"
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