Based on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, comes an awesome roleplay set in the past.
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 Remus J. Lupin

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Remus Lupin

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PostSubject: Remus J. Lupin   Remus J. Lupin Icon_minitimeTue Nov 29, 2011 7:14 pm

((This only includes his first year information. I'll add more as time progresses?))

Character Name: Remus John Lupin

House: Gryffindor

Appearance: Light brown hair, and soft brown eyes. He is of average height and looks generally harmless from afar, thanks to his scrawny build. Up close, however, the scars on his face tell a different story. There is a sadness in his eyes that never truly leaves, and the smiles he gives never truly brighten the shadows of his face.

Soon, though, with the help of some real friends, he will smile again.

His clothes are slightly shabby, mostly from his lack of concern over physical appearances and also because his mother- during his summer vacations -simply has no idea how to take care of robes.

Personality: Remus Lupin is a good boy, smart and quiet.What used to be rambunctious curiosity before the 'incident' is now only silent interest. He has the good sense to know when to speak and when to be quiet. And, even though his affliction should throw him into rages, it only seems to make him even quieter. Because of his lack of friends, he tended to keep to his books while attending Muggle school. But, his father told him, he would soon be in the wizarding world where his secret would be even more distancing... but maybe, if he kept his mouth shut, he would find some friends who could understand the other parts of him.

Remus does have one other flaw, besides the beast inside of him: He is so very lonely. And because of this, when he does make friends, he tends to let them do whatever they please, to him and to others. He has been so used to being disliked... He only wants to keep the few friends he has made a while longer.

Sample RP:

"Now, remember, Remy, you have to watch what you say, and-"

"Okay, Dad, I-"

"And go to Professor Dumbledore if you need anything. But only if it's import-"

"Dad, the train..."

"Remus, would you just listen to me?!?"

Remus John Lupin looked up at his father with soft brown eyes, worry filling in the edges. "I'll be late for the train." His voice was something they were both used to by now- soft, pleading and worried. Usually the hurt tone made guilt flash across his father's face, but now there was only recognition and laughter.

A chuckle escaped his father's lips as he knelt down beside the soon-to-be first year. "I remember the feeling, trust me. But the train won't leave you, I promise. Now listen?"

Remus cast another apprehensive look at the train puffing silver smoke into the air behind them, then turned back to his father, nodding slightly. "Okay."

"Remy... I want you to have fun. Make friends. But... you need to be careful." Remus wanted to tell him that, yes, he knew. These things- these very words -had been hammered into his head from day one of this whole mess, and he was tired of them already. He knew he could never be normal. It only hurt to be reminded. He kept his mouth shut. "Now, keep your nose clean- metaphorically and literally, we don't want you expelled -and remember to write your mother. You'll be coming home for Christmas, of course, but you'll have to stay for Easter-"

The train's horn blew and both Lupin men looked at the gads of young wizards making their way into the black, sleek thing. "Time to go," his father said simply. "Mother sends her love, and... Remus?" Remus looked over his shoulder at his father, the great wizard who had run away from all the bad and only managed to make it worse. "You know I love you, right?"

There was an unspoken apology in the eyes that mirrored his own, Remus realized. "Yeah, Dad. I love you, too."

Remus took a deep breathe and followed the crowd, th deep and suffocating crowd of people he didn't know. Owls hooted, cats meowed, and somewhere out there a frog was ribbiting weakly, protesting it's capture. A small, sad smile graced the solemn little face. This wasn't just the wizarding world anymore. This was his world, and he needed every second to make it make sense.
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Remus J. Lupin
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