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Emily Brooks

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PostSubject: Emily Brooks   Emily Brooks Icon_minitimeFri Dec 02, 2011 11:55 pm

Name: Emily Brooks
Appearance: Emily is, for the most part, the average eleven-year-old girl. Emily gets her blonde hair from her dad. Everyone who looks at her immediately thinks of her dad, who has the same dirty blonde hair. Even the way it is styled is similar, even though they are of different genders. Both have naturally wavy, long hair (although not like extremely long) that is occasionally messy and not styled properly. Emily is has a bit short of a height for her age, standing at 5"1. The best word to describe her body type would be average. She's not one of those super-skinny girls who look like they never eat nor is she one of the more plump girls. If you take those two types together and mix them into something new, you get her. Her eyes, unlike her hair, are completely average. They're a dark brown color that's actually quite usual. Emily is also naturally tan from being out in the sun constantly. Over the years, she discovered that she tans very easily, which she likes. She hates the thought of having pale skin that's barely exposed to the sun. Her clothes, when she's not wearing witch robes, are just jeans and a t-shirt, nothing fancy. She hates dressing up and usually has to be bribed to do so by her parents, as her hate runs deep. She's on the short side, possibly because she's part-Irish. Because she's Irish, she has a prominent accent that shines every time she speaks. It's impossible to miss, as she speaks quite often. She only has one scar that's usually visible, and that's the scar on her right leg that runs from her heel to a bit above her ankle. It's a light white line that almost seems to disappear in the sunlight. In the absence of natural light, it's quite prominent, though. It's from a biking accident from when she was 7.

Personality: Emily is one of those really happy girls who most people seem to like. She's almost always happy and optimistic and tries not to let the bad things get to her. She's a very outgoing person, though. However, she tends to keep things to herself when something bothers her. When it comes to trusting people, Emily almost immediately trusts everyone she meets. This can be good, for she makes more friends that way, but it can also be a bad thing if someone wants to hurt (mentally and physically) her. She'll let them in, and that will later hurt a lot more in the long run than it would've hurt had she not trusted them in the first place. Emily isn't that serious at most times. She loves to crack a joke or play around. Emily never really thinks about what she does before she does it. She's very impulsive in those cases. Her motto is "Do now...think never." That motto resulted in a lot of stupid stunts that most people would've never done out of fear. She found out that when you don't think about something before doing it, you tend to have a bit more courage. She’s definitely what one would call a daredevil, as she’ll do any dare, even if it’s stupid. Emily tends to overreact at problems; say for example, that someone accidently casts a horrible spell on her. Even if they are her best friend, and it was completely an accident, she may not talk to them for weeks. That's just who she is. If someone insults Emily, they can expect her to insult them right back. She’s definitely not afraid to do that. If someone insults her friends or family, Emily will also be insulting as well, probably more testily than she would have been had the person insulted her instead of her family or friends.

Sample RP (does not have to be a new RP. It can be one you've written from another site): What could be better than a walk in the woods on a lazy, warm afternoon? Albeit, it was a monster-infested woods with hundreds of ways you could die in it, but that wasn't what was going through Emily’s mind as she took in the fine weather of that bright afternoon. She was standing right on the edge of the woods, deliberating whether she should venture inside of them today. Usually, she would go in without a doubt, but today, she was a bit more wary. Monster attacks were popping up more and more among the horror stories of campers nowadays. She had even heard that there had been a death in the woods, but she doubted that. While deaths weren’t rare, a lot of demigods could handle themselves well in a monster attack, with the exception of the untrained or the new demigods.

Emily wasn’t new or untrained. She had been at camp for almost a year, a year that had just flown by. She had enjoyed herself so much at camp, besides the danger of the death constantly, and had even begun to think of it as home, her first real one. She didn’t really remember the orphanage that well anymore, besides the fact that it was not a stroll in the park. She remembered the streets all too well, but those memories she tried to block out. Those wouldn’t help with her newfound oath to herself to be happier. She figured that happiness would only make her time here enjoyable and that being moody and depressed wouldn’t do anything but upset her. At the same time, she had become more social, as opposed to her previous self-made loneness. That’s how she was hearing the camp news, by talking more to her fellow demigods. Emily deliberated for a moment more and decided that a walk in the woods would be alright- she had the protection of sword and her still unused pocket watch so she would probably be okay.

The second Emily stepped into the woods, a feeling of freedom overtook her. There was nothing like being here in nature, enjoying a normal afternoon, if any afternoon after a demigod could be considered normal. After tightening her ponytail and tying her sneakers, Emily was ready for whatever challenges the woods would bring today. She always enjoyed a challenge; doing something easy had no pleasure. Despite all the disadvantages of being a demigod, Emily would never rather be a mortal. Mortals’ lives, even though they were usually significantly longer, seemed so boring. All they did in life was go to school, get some job, and live their lives in peace. Who would want a life like that, where the only adventure would be the opening of a new restaurant or a quick vacation to a cool place? That would be no fun, at least in her perspective. To mortals, that life was probably wonderfully exciting and filled with new adventures. Most mortals had no idea of the mythological world that was right in front of their eyes daily. It was actually amazing how much the Mist covered up and how easily the mortals were quick to dismiss any thought that could even possibly prove the existence of a world beyond their boring one. It was a good thing, because the world of Greek gods and demigods should be kept a secret, but it was also frustrating, because Emily could see this world so easily(especially considering she was a demigod) while the mortals were completely clueless. Dense mortals- ugh.

Emily’s surroundings were quickly changing from dark trees that made up the outskirts of the woods to the trees with brighter colors that made up the inner woods. The brighter places comforted Emily more, since she hated being in the dark, despite her dad being the god of sleep(which happened at night.) It was just that the night held so many dangers while you could clearly see what you were dealing with in the light. The darkness usually held creatures of evil, which Emily was most definitely not. She was definitely one of the good guys who could never stand to be on the side that represented cruelty. She had gone through her bouts of depression about what she used to consider her suckish life, when she might have even considered the dark side, but now she was happier about her life, which made her happier in general.

She was beginning (but not even close to finishing) to forgive her dad. Yes, it was annoying that her dad, Hypnos, hadn’t claimed her until age 14, but she was starting to see some of the reasons why. Her dad was a god, so he was probably busy a lot. Plus, she had been a hard person to track down when she was on the streets. It probably wouldn’t even be easy for a god to find her. Also, gods couldn’t control their kids’ lives- they had to let their kids find their own way. These reasons soothed but didn’t completely eradicate her anger. It was easier to think past it, though. Emily began to hum softly under her breath an old country song. Most people didn’t like country music, but it was really comforting to Emily. She loved listening to the happier songs, like the sweet love songs and the “I became really happy in the end despite my troubles” songs. She had never gotten the appeal to rap. It was just so….ew. Her humming was cut off suddenly as she heard the sounds of someone else in the woods. She drew her sword from its hilt and called out, “Come out, come out, wherever you are!” She winced; if the person in the woods was some enemy or monster, they would think of her as stupid for using the phrase that was commonly used in hide-and-seek, a children’s game.
She turned to the source of the noise, reading herself for a fight.
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Emily Brooks
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