Based on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, comes an awesome roleplay set in the past.
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Leslie Rider

Leslie Rider

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PostSubject: Leslie Rider   Leslie Rider Icon_minitimeSat Dec 03, 2011 9:10 pm

Name: Leslie Michelle Rider

Year: 2

Appearance: Leslie has mostly-straight, golden-blonde hair that changes with her mood and style that day. However, more often than not, she usually has her hair up in some way. She has beautiful hazel eyes, and dark lashes to emphasize them. She has pale skin that has the potential to get color. She likes to dress-to-impress, rather than dress-to-be-seen. Her style switches from day to day, whilst she is not in robes. Despite this, she likes to wear a lot of pale-colors. Her favorite accessory is some sort of scarf, as well. For most weekends, she will find herself wearing comfortable, baggy clothes, and have her hair up in a high ponytail. Despite her having mediocre eye-sight and the need of glasses, Leslie prefers either no glasses at all, or contacts. Her teeth are straight, and a gleaming white. She has a dainty look to her, but she knows how to punch when she needs to.

Personality: Leslie loves to read, but she isn't too fond of homework--or reading for homework, or class. Despite her not liking homework, she is very good at most of her classes. Her favorite subjects are DADA, or as she calls it "DA-Squared" and Charms. In her spare time, Leslie likes to sing to herself.

Leslie finds herself to be funny when she doesn't necessarily want to be, but laughs anyway. She tries to be serious a majority of the time, however when she tries to be funny, it usually is quite humerous. She likes to use big words, because she feels that she can say them and have not very many people know what she is saying, unless she hangs around them a lot.

Overall, Leslie is a sweet, caring girl that loves to express herself. She is horrible at finding things, especially when they are right in front of her face. On occasion, she will have an adventurous side to her, and usually goes where she knows she isn't necessarily supposed to go. Despite this, she is a very respectful, hard-working student.

Sample RP (does not have to be a new RP. It can be one you've written from another site):

"Nice to meet you, Jenn. I'm Galia Apollo kid," Jennifer heard the woman say. She forced on a smile, and said, "It's nice to meet you too, Galia." The daughter of Iris actually smiled at a though, she had only met one Apollo kid, Eli Miller, and that was so he could help fix Alex when she had been training too hard with Jake, and Jenn. Thinking of Jake, she realized that he hadn't come home and, and all of the demigods, who were in Manhattan, were to come back to Camp that she thought of it, he didn't come back from Christmas break either...Maybe he just got amnesia or something, Jenn though, and shrugged it off. There was too much sadness in the young girl's life at the moment to think of anything worse than that, she just couldn't handle it.

Jenn noticed Galia was smiling, a lot. She remembered when she used to be just like that. Optimistic, laughing, and smiling at everything; earlier this week she was laughing, smiling, and having a good time with Hectar. The demigod was actually kind of grateful that Dolos had cursed her, though not in the way she would prefer, because she made a good friend. When Jenn asked what Galia's favorite color was, the woman chuckled and answered, "My favorite color is salmon, pink and orange together...I think it is beautiful." Jenn could definitely agree that salmon was a beautiful color, though she preferred teal, a mix of blue and green. "That is a very good color," Jenn said, "Unique, too. Not many people could classify that kind of color."

Galia's smile grew when Jenn asked her odd request. "Of course," Jenn heard Galia say, as she climbed over her row of stone, and embraced Jenn tightly in her arms, rubbing her back--the same what that Heather would have, if she were still alive of course, if Jenn had gone to her in a time of sorrow, or hurt. Sobs broke from the demigod again, but this time she didn't try to hold them back. Jenn sighed, wrapped her arms around Galia, and stayed there for a little bit. She sighed, again, released her arms from around Galia, and looked up, saying, "Can I just say...You remind me so much of my aunt, though a little younger...."

Jenn dried her eyes as Galia said, "Yeah, I play the cello. It's my favorite...I can play a little if you'd like." The daughter of Iris plastered on a smile, that she really tried to convince not only Galia but herself that it would be the right thing to do, and nodded. "That would be wonderful." She settled back in her bleacher and listened for Galia's playing.
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Leslie Rider
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