Based on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, comes an awesome roleplay set in the past.
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 Juliet Medow

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PostSubject: Juliet Medow   Juliet Medow Icon_minitimeSun Dec 04, 2011 12:29 am

Name: Juliet Medow
Appearance: Juliet is a pretty girl with long red hair. She looks older than she really is, with warm brown eyes. She likes to wear tees but she also wears dresses when she has what she calls a 'boy rush'. She doesn't wear makeup, only on 'boy rushes'. She has freckles all over her face. Her posture reflects her personality, strong and willful.
Personality: Juliet is strong and willful. She gets flirty and girly when she meets handsome boys. When she gets angry she often gets into fights. Magical and physical. She is not someone you want to have as an enemy, and she makes sure everyone knows it. She has that look her her eye that makes you know she is not a person to have as your bully.
Sample RP (does not have to be a new RP. It can be one you've written from another site): Blossom skipped merrily down the corridors.

She was fairly happy that day. She hadn't got a letter from her parents in weeks, she was doing rather well in classes, and she put her name in the....Blossom shook her head. No, don't think about it. It will only get you even MORE jumpy. Blossom's legs got tired, so she stopped skipping, straitened her tie, and wandered down the halls, peeking into rooms when she passed. A ghost passed right into her, which made Blossom feel like someone was drowning her in freezing, cold....Woah wait, dramatic. she turned around and yelled after the ghost "Hey! Watch where your gliding!" she turned back around, and started running down the hall, dodging a flying piece of chalk which was most likely chucked by Peeves but she didn't know for sure because she didn't care much to go yell at him.

It was amazing how Blossom had spent MONTHS in Hogwarts and there were still places she had never been to. She ran outside and noticed a tall tower with some owls flying into it. Blossom smiled. She had found the Owlery. She had always wondered where Snowy had stayed. She knew he didn't go all the way back to her parents. She ran a bit faster and climbed up the stairs and opened the door and walked into the Owlery.
It was amazing in Blossom's mind. Yes, the floor was covered in straw and owl pellets, but it was still amazing. She looked at all the owls. So many owls. She couldn't see Snowy, so she called his name uncertainly "H-hey, SNOWY!" she yelled. Snowy flew down and landed on Blossom's arm "Hey, Bud." she said to Snowy "How're you? I haven't seen you in a while. I think I have a carrot in my pocket.." Blossom fished a carrot out her pocket and gave it to Snowy, who ate it and nipped Blossom's finger. "Your Welcome!" said Blossom cheerily "How about we go up higher?" at those words Snowy flew to the top of the tower and Blossom scrambled up the stairs, trying to catch up to Snowy. When she got to the top, Snowy landed back onto her arm while Blossom was breath-taken by the fantastic view.

It was wonderful. The Lake glittered in the high sun and the green grass swayed in the slight breeze. It looked like a painting to Blossom. A wonderful, perfect painting that was made by....Blossom slapped her forehead. Dramatic again. She snapped back into reality wand stroked Snowy's feathers. "It's pretty, Huh? Lots more than the Manor. I mean in a different way. Like at the Manor the view is perfect but...artificially, you know? This is...natural, you know what I'm saying? Of course you do.." Blossom frowned and sat down on a dropping, straw, and pellet free spot. "I just remembered how lonely I am. I need older sister or something. Someone that I know I can talk to." Blossom's purple eyes looked deep into Snowy light blue ones. "I know you know what I mean." Blossom grinned. She didn't even hear steps coming up the stairs.

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Juliet Medow
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