Based on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, comes an awesome roleplay set in the past.
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 Joseph Mansbridge

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Joseph Mansbridge

Joseph Mansbridge

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PostSubject: Joseph Mansbridge   Joseph Mansbridge Icon_minitimeSun Dec 11, 2011 6:31 pm

Name: Joseph Mansbridge
Year: 3rd

Appearance: Standing at 5'9 Joe feels short, smart but short. He had very messy hair, he never bothers to comb it, just runs his hand through his hair to make it tidy; even if it doesn't work. He has no tattoos, no scars and no piercings but he really wants some tattoos when he gets out of Hogwarts. He's not fit, nor is he chubby, he has a slim body because he is careful of his weight but not too careful as to be underweight. He is usually seen wearing dark colours, like black, grey and dark green but when it’s hot he wears rather light colours like white. In the summer, he mostly wears vest tops, shorts or chinos and in the winter he wraps up warm with jeans, coats and scarves with long sleeve tops. For formal, depending if it's really special event of some sort, he wears a tux that is rather casual. He has a oval face shape, with thin lips.

Personality: Joe has always been a happy outgoing person. He enjoys being surrounded by those he cares for the most. He’s a loyal and trustworthy friend. His best quality is his rather high intelligence. Schoolwork just comes easily to him. Especially in subjects like, History of Magic, or even Mythology. Joe always gives his best effort in whatever he does. He’s quite stubborn when things don’t go as he plans and when he gets something wrong, Joe's confidence levels lower slightly. Whenever Joe has some time to kill, he is either in the Quidditch Pitch, training, or in his common Room, reading a book.

Sample RP (does not have to be a new RP. It can be one you've written from another site): do I really have to give one of these? -smirks- 
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Joseph Mansbridge
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