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 Chilling by the lake

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Joseph Mansbridge

Joseph Mansbridge

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Chilling by the lake  Empty
PostSubject: Chilling by the lake    Chilling by the lake  Icon_minitimeTue Dec 13, 2011 6:45 pm

Joe had finished his homework for the weekend already. He had seen to it all on Friday night. He liked to start on his homework as soon as he could because that way he couldn't forget about any of it. He would look though all of his notes so that he could make sure he remembered every thing he had learned so far that year. This helped with surprised test and end of year exams. He wouldn't have to study as much if he had been memorizing it all year long. It gave him more time to enjoy the spring weather then most had.

Joe wasn't a very socialible person, as he just didn't really know how to talk to his peers. He had been brought up by his mother for the most part though his father had left them when he was very young and his mother remarried so quickly. He didn't know if his father was still alive and he didn't care. Why did his father leave his mother? Was it because he didn't love her? The fact that there hadn't really been any children around where he lived that wanted to play him or even socialise with him. So he had never had any real friends. He had always been expected to talk like a little adult to the adults at his Mother's parties.

So because of this he didn't really care to hang out in the common room and instead choose to take a walk outside. It was a chilly winter day, though no were near as cold as it could get. Nolyn pulled on his leather jacket so that he wouldn't be that cold on his wake outside. 

He exited the castle without any trouble and made his way to the lake. There wasn't any ice on the lake but Joe guessed that the water was colder than out of the water because of how deep it was then the temperature outside. The deeper it was the longer it would take to freeze and the colder it was. With how it felt Joe would have thought that there would have been at least a little ice at the edges of the water.

As he got close to the lake he noticed how empty it felt. He wondered where everyone was because the lake was a nice spot for people to hang out at. With a confused expression, Joe approached the lake and sat by the edge. If only he had a good book to read but he hadn't brought anything with him.
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Aimée Molyneux

Aimée Molyneux

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Chilling by the lake  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chilling by the lake    Chilling by the lake  Icon_minitimeWed Dec 14, 2011 4:16 pm

It was horrible. Icy and slippery and.... stuff.

Aimée walked out on the slippery grass with a tiny shrug. She had just escaped from the common room. Some of the Gryffindors had figured they should throw something somewhat like a party. At least it had been a social event. People were talking there. With each other. Lots of each others. Maybe even as many as five each others! And some at the same time, even. Once more, Aimée shrugged before seriously stepping onto the grass. As she only wore her uniform, she found it extremely cold. She hadn't really had time to get a coat or her robe or anything before leaving this massive crowd in which she did not like to be. So yeah, Hogwarts could be cold too. Very cold. Very cold, indeed.

It took her a bit more hesitation before she started walking, though. Her five minutes or so of hesitation had caused her quite alot of goosebumps. But she had made it. She was walking. One step at the time. Unfortunatly though, a step at the time eventually became more of a giant slide and possibly BAM! at the time. There was really no answer to where it was all leading her. She just slided randomly out of control down to a also pretty slippery rock on which she fell.

Aimée sat on said rock muttering some tiny complaines in French while rubbing her butt a little. It was on that she had fell. She was quite sure that the day after she would wake up with a pretty large bruce. But the view paid for it. The Black Lake was beautiful. She had thought so since the first time she saw it. That wasn't very long ago, but it was still a memory to keep. The sun hitting the water perfectly on a summer day with the birds singing and the gangs of girls laughing together, talking about their crushes... She couldn't really say she missed it, Aimée hadn't been a popular girl at Beauxbatons either. She had always been just a bit too shy. That she had heard quite alot of times. Of those few that noticed her.... But, at least at Beauxbatons she had known somebody. They weren't really close, and Claudette had had way better friends than Aimée, but... It was someone.

She liked the Black Lake. It was... home to her. Or at least, that was where she felt like she belonged at Hogwarts. The castle was great and stuff, but.... The Black Lake topped it. But most of all, she liked enjoying it alone. Or... That wasn't really too correct. She hadn't tried sharing the enjoying with someone, so saying that she didn't like that was rather impossible.

Now finally with a clue of where she was, Aimée stood up again, feeling slightly stupid for falling. She skipped down more icy stones, seemingly dancing because she almost slipped on each and every one of the stones she stepped on. It truly was beautiful. The lake. And it was all what she consentrated about. She didn't even notice the Ravenclaw boy not too far away from where she stood. And to those who observed Aimée, that was visible. Why? She was actually... Relaxing a bit. Amazingly enough.
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Chilling by the lake
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