Based on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, comes an awesome roleplay set in the past.
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 T.K. McIntee

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T.K. McIntee

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PostSubject: T.K. McIntee   T.K. McIntee Icon_minitimeThu Jan 19, 2012 7:16 pm

Name: T.K. McIntee

Year:first year character is turning twelve in october.

Appearance: He has rugged unkempt dirty blonde hair. From gropwing up on the streets he didn't have much. He wore mostly black because he felt it represented him a lot not because he was goth or anything. He almost always wears his black leather jacket unzipped over some sort of graphic tee along with his skull belt and black jeans. He has dark Hazel eyes and the most peculiar thing about him is that he isn't british, but american.

Personality: T.K. was brought up by his parents in Brooklyn New York. His stepdad was rich but by no means was T.K. ever babied. His stepfather never once treated him very well but T.K. didn't mind because his mother treated alright. But sometimes he felt she treated him a bit nasty as well. At the age of nine T.K. was brought to England on a vacation with his parents, which he thought was a bit peculiar becuase they never bropught him along on their trips. On his trip however he found out that his real father who had been killed when T.K. was only a newborn baby was really a wizard. He never fopund out if his mother or stepfather were as well because they were killed by the ancient dark wizard and creator of the first ever horcrus (Which is why he is still alive) Herpo the foul. T.K eas saved by a young man about 18 who he lived with on the streets of Liverpool England. the young man eventually died of dragon pox a week before T.K. recieved his letter to hogwarts. His real father who was apparently a rich wizard left all his money to him after death. Despite his life of living on the streets and having to steal food to live, T.K. doesn't steal anymore now that he has money and he is a very nice person. The moment he recieved his books at daigon alley he actually finished half of them by the time he arrived at hogwarts. He currently resides at hogwarts yearround staying in a hut that would one day belong to Hagrid the future grounds keeper as he doesn't have a home and can't survive on his own. He loves reading, magic, and making new friends. he is recently enjoying some of the regular nthings in life too that he hasn't had the pleasure of having in a long time. Such as ice cream, books, and clean clothes.

Sample RP: T.K. woke up early which wasn't very normal for him as he was a late sleeper. he got up and did his usual routine of getting ready and grabbed his 10 1/2 inch wand of Phoenix hair and holly. He threw on his Black leather jacket instead of regular school clothes as because it wasn't the school year he wasn't required to wear his uniform. He exited the hut blocking out the sun from his eyes. He sighed and began tending to his care taker duties as that was the agreement between himself and the headmaster who stayed year round as well. He would let him stay there if he tended to the grounds as an apprentice to the current gamekeeper Hagrid. T.K. liked Hagrid alot as he had taken him under his wing and because he was a bit goofy. But that morning hagrid must've left early. T.K. lifted his wand muttered something causing the door to the chicken coup to close before they could escape. The best part of staying year round at hogwarts one might ask T.K. thought definitely being able to use magic whenever he wanted. He didn't know how others fared so long without it. . . . T.K. guessed it must've been because they didn't grow up with nothing. T.K. knew he couldn't go back to living on the streets. He began to walk up to the castle as his grounds keeping duties were done. He hadn't even been to school yet as he had come in the beginning of august becuase his situation was special. He already had read all his school books several times as he'd been there a month with nothing but chores and what not, darn peeves always getting in his way. he entered the castle examining the large empty hourglasses. Gryffindor had won the year before. T.K. stood starring wondering what his house would be. He'd find out in just five days now. As his mind wandered a friend wandered up behind him.

"Wondering again" the voice said? T.K. turned abruptly to see Albus Dumbledore the transfiguration teacher who stayed year round and had taught T.K. a little as he had been fustrated over how to turn his owl Fletcher into a cup. Dumbledore had taken an interest in the boy since he arrived but T.K. sometimes felt it might've been out of pity.

"Yeah" T.K. confessed rubbing the back of his unkempt dirty blonde hair.

"Well I can't blame you," Dumbledore said leading T.K. along to the great hall, "I remember when I first arrived I couldn't wait to be sorted.'

They entered the Great Hall and Headmaster Netwon Artemis, But T.K. often just called him Headmaster as his name was bit wierd to him, well so were most other british names and greek names. His own middle name was greek, Kaelan, it meant brave, uncertain, and warrior. T.K. craved to be a ravenclaw though, as he himself craved knowledge and wished to be with those that also craved it.

"ah Newton," Dumbledore greeted, "how nice it is to see you this fine morning."

"As to you Albus," Newton replied with a smirk, "And how are the grounds T.K.?"

"Fine headmaster" T.K. said politely. Dumbledore left his side and walked up to his seat at the head table.

"Well" Newton asked?

"Um I'm sorry sir I don't understand the question" T.K. said embarrassed a bit. He didnt usually get embarrassed especially in fron of other kids but when it came to adults he hated feeling stupid.

"Aren't you going to join us" Dumbledore asked?

"Oh but sir you always made me sit at the students tables" T.K. said.

"Well there's room for bending the rules in your last week before school M'boy" chuckled Newton.

"Alright" T.K. said happliy and rushed up sitting on the opposite side of the Headmaster. T.K. wondered where Hagrid was but before he could ask The headmaster clapped his hands and the food appeared they began digging in.
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T.K. McIntee
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