Based on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, comes an awesome roleplay set in the past.
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T.K. McIntee

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It was the beginning of August and T.K. had been at Hogwarts for a few days now. He had gotten his letter months early due to his situation of living on the streets and he and the headmaster came to an agreement that T.K. would work with Hagrid as his apprentice and help with the grounds keeping and game keeping duties and in return he could stay at Hogwarts year round. Of cvourse he'd stay in the dorms during the school year, but during the summer he'd live with Hagrid in his hut.. T.K. looked up at the old Ollivanders sign and his stomach churned ready to throw up his pumpkin pastry from earlier. For some psychotic reason Dumbledore had decided to use side along apparition rather than using flu powder like they had used to get to Hogwarts his first time. Then again T.K. didn't like flu powder much either but it was better than wondering if you lost the inside of your stomach. He clutched his stomach and entered Ollivanders. Meanwhile Dumbledore stood outside talking with Bilius Weasley. The inside was even mustier than the outside and extremely dark. the only light was whatever shown through the dusty shop window.

"Phht," T.K. said under his breathe, "Next on Britain's list of things to discover electricity and running water."

"Is someone there" a voice called from the numerous shelves that T.K. just seemed to notice for the first time? Before he could answer a man slid down an aisle and he jumped down from the ladder. T.K. looked in amazement as he did so. Then the man approached T.K. with a sinister grin on his face. he had gray hair with several streaks of his old hair color showing through. He wore a brown robe over a black sweater vest which resided over a button up white dress shirt. T.K. couldn't help but wonder if this man was crazy as it was eighty-five degrees and blazing outside.

"Well hello M'boy," the man said, "What may your name be?"

"T.K.," T.K. replied smiling and staring into his eyes, "T.K. McIntee."

The man's eyes were large and sparkling silver. they were humble and welcoming but at the sound of T.K.'s voice they turned more puppy doggish.

"Come again" the man asked?

"T.K. McIntee," T.K. said thinking the man was even weirder now, "Are you Mr. Ollivander?"

"What might be your place of origin," The man asked without answering the question, "You have an Irish last name but neither Irish nor British accent?"

"Brooklyn New York USA," T.K. stated, "Are you Mr. Ollivander?"

"Why yes," Mr. Ollivander said his eyes turning back to normal, "Why you're a long way from home aren't you M'boy! No doubt you heard of my expertise in wands and came all this way to see if I'm as good as they make me out to be!"

"Actually Mr. Ollivander," T.K. said, "I live at Hogwarts, Professor Dumbledore is escorting me."

"Ah Dumbledore eh" Mr. Ollivander said eyeing the dusty window from which Dumbledores figure was just barely visible, "I really do need to clean this place up a bit. I wasn't really expecting anyone to come for awhile, not until just before school started anyway."

Mr. Ollivander clapped his hands and his eyes lit up even more and he said "Time to find you a wand M'boy!"

"Do I just pick one out" T.K. asked a bit confused not knowing how everything was suppose to happen?

"The wand chooses the wizard," Mr. Ollivander said still smiling, "Ponder upon that as I search for a wand that while I find a wand suitable for you."

T.K. stood there confused pondering what that might mean as Ollivander returned to the aisles of wands. It seemed like an eternity that he waited there even though it was only maybe ten minutes before Mr. Ollivander returned holding a black box.

"Perhaps a wand of Cedar with a Leprechaun hair core" He said smiling as he handed him the brown wand. T.K. grasped the wands gripping and before he could even think the wand acted on its own causing several wands to fly out of their respective spots on the shelves. T.K. dropped the wand and said "Oh my I'm so sorry!"

"Don't worry about it M'boy" Mr. Ollivander said and he quickly returned with a new box. It was a maroon case and Mr. Ollivander opened up the case and picked up the black wand and held it out.

"Perhaps Holly with a unicorn core" Mr. Ollivander said humbly.

T.K. gulped and grasped the wands handling and immediately a glass bottle exploded and Mr. Ollivander just ducked before a sharp hit him. the shard pierced the shelf behind him instead.

"Mr. Ollivander," T.K. said rushing around the counter, "Are you okay?!"

"I'm fine M'boy" he said, "But nevertheless I will never put a wand of Holly or Unicorn hair in your hands again. Help me with this mess please. You sweep I'll get the wands."

"Yes sir Mr. Ollivander" T.K. said and grasped a broom and dust pan. He began to sweep the floor and when the glass was all concealed in the dust pan he began looking around for the garbage pale.

"Um excuse me Mr. Ollivander" T.K. asked?

"Yes M'boy" Mr. Ollivander said as he put away the wands?

"Where's the garbage pale" T.K. asked?

"The what" Mr. Ollivander said racking his brain, "Oh you must mean the dust bin, it's next to the door when you walk in."

"Oh right I sometimes forget the British slang sir" T.K. said heading over to the door and dumping it into the dust bin. Then he walked back and Mr. Ollivander was kneeling next to a dark mid-night blue case and T.K. walked over. Mr. Ollivander had been trying to pry it off the floor.

"Trouble Mr. Ollivander" T.K. asked, "What's wrong?"

"I wonder" Mr. Ollivander said a bit mysteriously, "T.K. try to lift this."

T.K. starred for a moment. His eyes quizzically darting between the case and Mr. Ollivander but he shook it off and walked over. It was the last wand on the floor and it seemed to rattle a bit on the floor as T.K. came closer. He wasn't scared but a bit nervous is a better description. He picked up the case without ease and Ollivander smiled. T.K. opened the mid-night blue casing. Inside was a maroon wand with mid-night blue leather gripping. Just my style T.K. thought and he grasped the wand and a shinning aura came fro it and seemed to consume T.K. for a moment and then retracted.

"Very peculiar" Mr. Ollivander said rubbing his chin quizzically?

"What do you mean" T.K. asked?

"I haven't sold a wand like that in ages" Mr. Ollivander stated.

"Why" T.K. asked?

"The wand you hold in your hand now is a ten and a half phoenix feather wand made of elder wood and a gripping made of dragons hide " Ollivander stated as if it should've been obvious.

"I'm sorry I still don't quiet understand" T.K. confessed.

"Well M'boy don't you know the stories" Mr. Ollivander asked and T.K. nodded no.

"Well my gosh wands made of elder wood have been thought of as a curse or a bad sign or something or other" Mr. Ollivander exclaimed!

"Why" T.K. asked abit afraid of what the answer might be?

"You haven't heard of the deathly hallows" Mr. Ollivander said his eyes wide and surprised? Before T.K. could answer and ask what the deathly hallows were a bell jingled and Professor Dumbledore was standing there. The two immediately stood up as he looked at them from under his half moon spectacles and his gentle smile.

"That is enough Mr. Ollivander," Professor Dumbledore said gently like honey, "We wouldn't want to give the boy any fright now would we?"

"Why no Albus" Ollivander shuddered, "Never."

"I see you've found your wand T.K." Dumbledore said, "Well we better be off ought to get the books and robes."

"Eh right" Mr. Ollivander said, "That'll be three sickles M'boy."

"Right these ones" T.K. asked holding out three sickles?

"Correct M'boy" Ollivander said collecting the three coins and putting them in the cash draw.\

"Thank you Mr. Ollivander" T.K. said as he walked out with Dumbledores hand on his shoulder.

"No problem M'boy" he said over the chiming bell. As they exited the shop T.K. couldn't help but wonder what the Deathly Hallows were. He blocked the sun from his eyes and looked at Dumbledore in his scarlet maroon robes. The sun seemed not to even phase him and his silver beard and silver hair seemed to shimmer.

"Professor Dumbledor sir" T.K. said as they walked towards the books store T.K. still didn't know the name of.

"Yes" Dumbledore said.

"What're the Deathly Hallows" T.K. asked trying to look up at the towering man but the sun seemed not to have that built into its schedule?

"A story for another time Mr. McIntee," he said hesitantly, "Perhaps another time."

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