Based on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, comes an awesome roleplay set in the past.
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 The Sorting (For people already sorted to rp getting sorted, you must sick to the house your in)

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The Sorting (For people already sorted to rp getting sorted, you must sick to the house your in) Empty
PostSubject: The Sorting (For people already sorted to rp getting sorted, you must sick to the house your in)   The Sorting (For people already sorted to rp getting sorted, you must sick to the house your in) Icon_minitimeMon Jan 23, 2012 5:22 pm

T.K. had been at hogwarts for awhile now and the day finally came. The day the other students would finally arrive. He and Hagrid walked down to wait for them to get off the train as it slowly pulled in. T.K. smiled wondering what it would be like inside the traina s he had never been on it. He watched slowly as the students piled out of the train.

"firs' yers dis way" Hagrid yelled twice and all the first years were there already. Eyes stared at the duo and mouths gaped open at the Hagrid who T.K. stood at his side. T.K. who practically was as short as a hobbit, looked pretty ridiculous next to Hagrid who looked like giant hairy beast.

"How come he wasn't on the train" a brave boy piped up from the crowd?

"No time fer questions we'll have time for dat lat'er," Hagrid said, "Righ' now we gotta get to der castle."

Hagrid and T.K. led them across the black lake. In the back of T.K.'s boat were two other students. One was a boy who had greasy black hair and the other was a red-headed girl with green eyes. But T.K. didn't have time for introductions just then. He had to keep his boat going. They arrived at Hogwarts and looks on the childrens faces, especially the red-headed girl with green eyes, were exasperating and surprised. T.K. tied the boat down and the two kids had already gotten out of the boat by then. T.K. led the other first years outside the great hall where they were met by none other than Albus Dumbledore. His eyes glistened from under his half moon spectacles, his silvery gray beard pulled down over his scarlet robes.

"Welcome," Professor Dumbledore said outstretching his arms, "And welcome to Hogwarts Schools of Witchcraft and Wizadry."

His smile was worm and welcoming.

"Afternoon Professor" T.K. said with his Brooklyn accent and some snickers arose from the crowd but most people's mouthed gaped as they hadn't expected him not to have a British accent

"T.K.," Dumbledore said smiling, "Welcome back come here!"

T.K. smiled and walked up the two steps that separated Dumbledore from the first years. Dumbledore put his hand on his shoulder.

"This is T.K.," Dumbledore said smiling warmly, "He is an American. He's been here for a month if any of you have some questions I'm sure one of the teachers or Prefects could answer your questions however if we presume to not be around you may ask T.K. and see if he knows."

T.K. looked out over the crowd. The mouths had closed but some whispers had arisen again. Dumbledore raised his hand and they silenced.

"Now when you step through these doors you will be sorted into one of the four Hogwarts classes," Dumbledore said and the children listened intently, "The houses are as follows brave Gryffindor, Knowledgeable Ravenclaw, loyal Hufflepuff, and of course the ambitious Slytherines."

Dumbledore opened the doors to the Great Hall and the kids mouths gaped at the ceiling which was a sky. T.K. smiled at it even he wasn't completely use to the enchantment that made it appear as it was. He had read about it in Hogwarts, A History. He liked the book but he liked charms better than history even though it was interesting to learn about the castle. But it left out the on thing that seemed most peculiar to him. Who made the food? He had learned that food couldn't be magically created only summoned so who made it? Dumbledore stood next to a ratty old hat on a stool that was torn a bit at the seams. Dumbledore took out a list examining it and looking at the students. T.K. turned his attention to the main table where headmaster was sitting with the others including Hagrid. Then his attention was drawn back to the hat who busted out into song shocking the others but T.K. just smiled he had not known about it but he liked to be reminded about how strange this all was. Because sometimes it felt almost . . . normal to him. The song was describing the Hogwarts houses and the founders of Hogwarts and the traits of those sorted into the houses.
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The Sorting (For people already sorted to rp getting sorted, you must sick to the house your in)
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